The Coast of the Vanilla Island


When you arrive on this charming flower-shaped island the first thing you’ll notice is its vanilla-scented air courtesy of the many vanilla farms that cover it. The beaches of Taha’a are covered in luminous white sand that stretch out into the calm, crystal clear waters of the lagoon, which are filled with a richness of fish and coral. When you’re not out diving, you can relax at one of the many spas or overwater bungalows that dot the island.


The sea comes to life off the coast of Taha’a. Its water is rich with small and big fish alike, enjoying the food and safety the coral beds offer.

Paipai Pass

Trained divers, this site is for you. The pass offers experienced divers the opportunity to witness a drop off covered in yellow coral. At a depth of 25 and 30 meters (80 to 100 feet) you’ll find small caverns along its right-side wall that shelters its many white tip reef sharks. The left wall is shallower and home to wrasse, parrotfish and more.

Ruutia, Tau Tau, Taputapu

You won’t believe the crystal clear waters here with exceptional clarity up to 40 meters. Once you’re under, you’ll be amazed by the diversity of sea life on offer. The outer north reef is like a sprawling underwater metropolis filled with schools of jackfish, large Napoleon wrasse, Maori snappers, barracudas, plus black and white tip reef sharks.

Dive centres


Follow the scent of vanilla around Taha’a as you take in the beautiful sites and its culture. No need to rush, just enjoy the laid-back demeanor.

Motu tours

Motu tours

There’s nothing more serene or picturesque as the reef islets that surround the Taha’a lagoon, known as a motu. It serves to protect the beauty and integrity of the lagoon, which is painted with beautiful sandy beaches and dotted by shady coconut trees.

Taha’a vanilla plantations

Taha’a vanilla plantations

The remarkable thing about Taha’a is its love for vanilla. More than 70% of all vanilla in The Islands of Tahiti is grown right here. Its plantations welcome you to explore its orchids and sample the different species – including vanilla tahitensis, a rare and precious variety that tastes like paradise.



Bring your hiking shoes with you because Taha’a provides visitors with plenty to do. The island’s villages hug the surrounding slopes, so feel free to take your time as you make the gentle ascent. While you’re at it, stop by one of the pearl farms or savour the sweet scent of Vallée de la Vanille.


If you’re visiting more than one island in The Islands of Tahiti then fly with Air Tahiti. It offers a multi-flight pass that saves you time and money.

Fly from Papeete to Raiatea

There’s no airport on Taha’a island, but that’s ok because visitors can use shuttle boats, outriggers, helicopters or even seaplanes from Raiatea, where Air Tahiti flies most days.

Shuttle boat from Raiatea

Heading to the charming island by boat allows you to embrace a simpler way of travel. One that’s been used by Polynesians for centuries.


If you’re looking for an opulent way of making an entrance then take to the skies by helicopter from Raiatea. From up high you get to take in the stunning views of Taha’a and neighboring Bora Bora.

Îles à


Raiatea is one of the most sacred island in the region. Its mountains are carpeted in greenery and its ocean passes make for quiet walks under the sea.


The waters off Huahine are filled with beautiful diving destinations. Here the deep blue ocean is teeming with marine creatures both big and small.


A bountiful island where many of the region’s fruits and vegetables grow. Under the water, its coral gardens are just as plentiful to explore.